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Hawaii Self-Advocacy Advisory Council

What Is SAAC

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SAAC is an advocacy group that represents people with developmental disabilities. We support leadership, independence, and choice.

Mission & Work

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To raise awareness and the quality of life for all self-advocates through leadership, education, and full participation in the community.


Advocacy Work & Network


We “lead by example” and teach advocacy so people can have the life they want. We are leaders creating change in ourselves, our homes, and our community through independence, choice, decision-making, and speaking up for ourselves. We network with agencies, families, professionals, and other advocates.


Our Advocacy in Action


Here are some of our Advocacy in Action Activities:

  1. We have certified Feeling Safe Being Safe trainers.  We can come to your agency, home, your classroom to provide Emergency Preparedness Training.

  2. We provide advocacy training using the strategy THINK, PLAN, DO; a three-step process of how to make life changing decisions.

  3. We train educators and families using our personal stories on the importance of transition planning and why it is important to attend and have a voice at your own meetings.

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